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The Canon of Scripture

The cannon of the scriptures answers questions like: How did we get the Bible we have? Why do we only have 66 books in the Bible? Can we add more books if we wanted? Why did 1 Timothy make it in the Bible, but not the book of Thomas? How did the church discern which books were inspired by God and which were not? To understand The Canon of Scripture you need to know seven things. This is Canon of Scripture 101. Continue reading

Benefits of Good Doctrine

You believe something, but why do you believe it? You have beliefs about many things. You have strong opinions about God regarding what He is like or not like, how much He is involved in your life or how little, and what He can or cannot do. You have serious views about marriage – you have thoughts about the role of the husband, role of the wife, submission, leadership in the home, and raising children. You have convictions about things like what happens after life, what heaven and hell are like, the role of the Holy Spirit in your life and who Jesus is. All your thoughts and ideas about matters dealing with God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the church, God’s Word, the devil, the spiritual world, angels and the like make you a theologian. Whether we like it or not, every one of us is a theologian. We all have a set of beliefs. The question is, what are your beliefs based on? What is the foundation of your theology? Continue reading

Communicating God’s Word Creatively

One of the core values of First Baptist Church states, “We value communicating God’s Word to both believers and non-believers in creative and relevant ways believing God’s truth is the key to transformed lives that reflect the greatness of Christ.” To be creative means to be resourceful, innovative and imaginative. When it comes to teaching God’s Word, the most creative person I know is Jesus Christ and He used a variety of ways to teach truth. Following are some of the creative ways Jesus taught truth. Continue reading

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