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Discovering Your DESIGN

You have a unique DESIGN given to you by God for a specific purpose. Your uniqueness includes a God-given desire, experiences, spiritual gift, individual style, growth, and natural abilities. Many believers are not aware their design is an indication of how God wants to use them in His kingdom. So, how do you discover your DESIGN? Continue reading

Getting the Most out of Worship

Whether you have been going to church for a long time or just started, there are easy and practical things you can do to get the most out of the worship service. Before I share those items with you, I know some will read this and say, “Going to church is not about what we can get out of it, but what we can give to God and to others.” That is true, however preparing yourself to receive from others and God is just as important as preparing yourself to give to others. Let’s stay balanced and away from extremes. Besides, getting the most out of the worship service should result in life transformation at some level and that’s partly what it’s about (Romans 12:1-2). How can you get the most of the worship service? Continue reading

9 Fast God Can Use

As an introduction to Biblical fasting I want to share with you nine different fast that are found in the Bible. The descriptions of the fasts are taken from Elmer Towns’ book, Fasting for Spiritual Break Through. I share this with you in the hopes to give you clearer direction regarding how God may be leading you to fast. Continue reading

The Style of Worship

The essence of worship focuses on the heart of worship. You look at the object of your worship (God), you examine your motives of worship (heart), and the foundation of your worship (God’s truth). The essence of worship has to do with our internalization of our adoration toward God. The essence of worship is about what’s going on inside of you not outside of you.

That’s the essence of worship, but there is also the expressions of worship. This moves us into the outward forms of worship – the ways we express our praise to God. Expressions of worship change from person to person, culture to culture, and generation to generation. The essence of worship remains the same, but the expressions of worship can vary. These expressions of worship are also described as a style of worship. Let me give some thoughts regarding style of worship. Continue reading

Ten Marks of a Healthy Church

I believe a healthy church begins with a clear understanding of its mission. Jesus said, “Go and make disicples.” This means they have an outward focus. They are willing to sacrifice, change, and adapt (not compromise) to their culture to reach people for Christ and help them grow spiritually. When I evaluate a church’s health I like to look at ten things (these are not in any particular order): Continue reading

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