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Jesus: Future Resurrection (Mark 12:18-27, Part 2)

What happens after we die? What about our relationships with others? Are couples still a couple in heaven? Are your children still your children in heaven? Do some people become angels when they die? What happens after we die? What is life like on the other side? Maybe there is nothing more after we die. Maybe this is it.

Jesus is asked this question, but in the context of husbands and wives. Today, Jesus is going to give us a little more insight into life after death. Continue reading

Jesus: Future Resurrection (Mark 12:18, Part 1)

Believing in God does not mean you have a relationship with God. Because someone believes God exists, makes good decisions, supports good causes, attends church, and is a good citizen does not indicate they are follower of Jesus or have a home in heaven. In 2 Timothy 3, Paul reminds us there are people who “will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly” (v.5, NLT). As you follow Jesus, you will encounter people like all the time. You find them at church, in your family, and your community. They are religious, talk about God, moral, and are committed to their church, but they are dangerous. Their religion is about them, not Jesus. Jesus shows us today, how to respond to them. Continue reading

Jesus: Mountain Moving Faith (Mark 11:22-25, Part 3)

When you are going through life you are going to face many mountains. Your mountain may come in the form of a difficult marriage or divorce, financial mountain of debt that you had no control over, mountain of concerns for your children, mountain of resistance due to your faith in Christ, mountain of anxiety, fear, or depression. Mountains can take many forms. They seem permanent and immovable. You feel so small and helpless because of them. But you do not compare the size of the mountain to your size, you compare the size of the mountain to the size of God. Every mountain seems small and easy when compared to the greatness of God and the power of God. Continue reading

Jesus: Mountain Moving Faith (Mark 11:22-26, Part 2)

I want to talk to you about speaking to your mountains. There are some obstacles in life that God will give you His authority and command you to use that authority to remove a mountain in your life.

In the Bible God uses mountains to represent those things in life that are too big for us to handle alone. As you follow the Lord, you will come up against some mountains in your life but some of those mountains God will remove. Continue reading

Jesus: Mountain Moving Faith (Mark 11:22-26, Part 1)

Today I want to talk to you about mountain moving faith. In life we all face mountains. It may be a mountain in your marriage, you don’t see how you will stay together. A mountain in your finances, it doesn’t look like you will ever get out of debt. Maybe it’s a mountain in your health. The experts have said you are never going to get well. Maybe there is a mountain in your way of sharing the gospel with someone or becoming a missionary or taking mission trips. Continue reading

Have Faith in God (Mark 11:22)

Today, I want to talk to you about faith. Specifically, faith in the middle. It’s easy to have faith at the start. When you marry that beautiful person. When you have that new baby. When you start that new business. When you graduate and start that new career. That’s exciting.

It’s easy to have faith at the end, when you can see the finish line, the dream is insight, you have fought the good fight. Having faith at the start and having faith at the end can be easy. The real challenge is having faith in the middle. Continue reading

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