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Jesus: Worth Talking About (Mark 1:2-8)

These are my notes from a sermon series I did through the gospel of Mark. It has not been proofed for grammatical or spelling errors. I present it to you as-is. 

Have you ever had to prepare the way for someone?

  • For example, you know someone is coming over to your house who has had surgery and has a hard time walking or an elderly person who struggles to keep their balance. Since you know they are coming over you prepare the way for them. You make sure the toys are picked up so they don’t step on them or and in some cases you move the furniture a little bit to make a straighter and smoother path for them to get where they need to go.

In a similar way, you and I are used by God to prepare the way for the gospel to enter into someone’s life. By the way the live and treat others God uses us to remove some emotional clutter and theological baggage that is keeping people from believing in and following Jesus. You make it easier for the gospel to get to them. Continue reading

Following Jesus (Part 2)

Jesus said, “Follow me, and I will make you fish for people” (Matthew 4:19, HCSB). Let’s review.

First of all, Jesus says, “Follow Me.” A disciple is someone who has made a decision to follow Christ. They thought it through, have repented (which means a change of mind) and surrendered their life to Jesus. This deals with the head (for more details on what it means to “follow me” see part 1 of this series).

Secondly, Jesus says, “I will make you.” A disciple is being changed by Jesus. As we follow Jesus He changes us internally. We gain a new heart that begins to desire new things. Our values begin to align up with God’s kingdom. Our motives and emotions are reflecting God’s values more and more. We become more other-centered rather than self-centered. There is a distinction about us that says we love God and love people. Jesus is making us and transforming us into His image. This deals with our heart. Continue reading

12 Lessons from a Missionary

Recently I had the privilege to have lunch with a missionary couple and hear what God had been doing in their life and later that night as they presented their stories to a local group of believers. As I was listening and taking notes, I picked up some key principles of evangelism and missionary work that every believer and church needs to learn or be reminded of. I pass these twelve nuggets on to you for your encouragement. Continue reading

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