When we are opening presents around Christmas, I’m the guy that likes to try to guess what it is before I open it. I will look at the shape of the box, shake it a little, smell it and feel how much it weighs to help determine what might actually be inside. The detective in me can’t resist. Sometimes I’m right, but most of the time I’m wrong. Either way, I’m usually confident about what I think is in the present even when I have no clue.

I think we do something similar with the Christmas story. We kind of have an idea of the Christmas story. We shake the Christmas story and hear a little bit of it around Christmas time. We look at the shape of the Christmas story seeing the major figures and getting some idea of the big picture of the Christmas story with Mary, Jospeh, baby Jesus, shepherds and wise men. But the only way you can truly understand and appreciate the Christmas story is to unwrap it, open it up and look closely at the contents. Continue reading