We are in a series of lessons called Body Language. We are using the word Body to refer to the church body and the word Language to refer to how to treat and speak to one another. In this series of lessons we are focusing on the “one another” statements in the Bible. So far we have looked at how to encourage one another, love one another, forgive one another, and accept one another.

Today we are going to examine what it means to serve one another. It’s important that you serve others and to let others serve you. God designed you to need others. You need others in your life to help you grow, think, feel, and do what God has called you to do. There are people in your life who you are perfectly designed to bless, encourage, and serve. You bring to their table exactly what they need. On the other hand there are people in your life that are exactly what you need. They bring to your table exactly what you need. Continue reading