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A Strong F.A.M.I.L.Y.

Every family wants to be a strong family. Some homes may feel like a war zone, while others feel like Disney World. Wherever you find yourself as a family, let the following six Biblical principles guide you as you try to build a well-established and strong family. Keep in mind that no family is perfect, but it can get better. To help us remember these principles I will use the word FAMILY to guide us. Continue reading

Ten Marks of a Healthy Church

I believe a healthy church begins with a clear understanding of its mission. Jesus said, “Go and make disicples.” This means they have an outward focus. They are willing to sacrifice, change, and adapt (not compromise) to their culture to reach people for Christ and help them grow spiritually. When I evaluate a church’s health I like to look at ten things (these are not in any particular order): Continue reading

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