This is a podcast featuring conversations about life, theology, scripture, church and everything in between led by Jeff Stott along with various guest. Below is a link to one of the series.

Cognitive Dissonance

This is a four-part series dealing with the gap between what the Christian believes and their behavior, experiences, beliefs, and new information that contradict it. Cognitive dissonance deals with things like, “I believe I should not lie, but I just told my child (boss, spouse) a lie.” This is when your belief and behavior contradict one another. It also deals with things like, “I believe in God’s healing power, but when I and others asked God to heal my child, she became worse and died.” This is when your belief and experiences contradict one another. How do you respond to these contradictions in life as a follower of Jesus? Join Jeff Stott and Billy Johnson as they journey through this fascinating subject.

To begin with part 1, click on the following link:

Cognitive Dissonance (Part 1) – Conversations with Genesis Church | Podcast on Spotify