This is a podcast featuring conversations about life, theology, scripture, church and everything in between led by Jeff Stott along with various guest. Below are links to some of the series. For a full list of episodes go to your podcast provider and search for Conversations with Genesis Church

God’s DESIGN for You

In this series Jeff Stott and Billy Johnson discuss how God has uniquely created you for a purpose and ministry. By looking at how you are designed by God you discover insights for why you exist. Your DESIGN include your God given desires (D), your experiences (E), your spiritual gifting (S), your individual style (I), your maturity level and growth (G), and your natural ability (N). Once you understand how you are designed you will understand your purpose. The following link takes you to part 1 of this series. 

The Five Stages of Spiritual Growth

Join Jeff Stott and Billy Johnson as they discuss the five stages of spiritual growth and how to use it in your family, church, ministry, and work. This is a six-part series and the following link takes you to part 1. 


Cognitive Dissonance

In this four-part series Jeff Stott and Billy Johnson discuss the gap between what Christians believe and how they behave and what to do about it.