Some time ago I was thinking about evangelism and the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23). One question I had was, “What would it look like if you applied the fruit of the Spirit to personal evangelism and outreach?” Following is a brief description of a “fruity” witness for Christ.


  • Loving witness: This is not allowing a person’s offenses or rudeness distract you from ministering to his/her needs. You love them even when they are being unloving (Mark 10:17-22).


  • Joyful witness: This is maintaining the joy of the Lord in spite of the opposition and rejection of others when sharing your faith (Acts 13:49-52; 14:1; 5:41).


  • Peaceful witness: This is the calm resolve to do God’s will in telling others about Jesus despite any dangers, risk, or hazards (Acts 20:21-24).


  • Patient witness: This is continuing to build relationship and share your faith even if no immediate results are evident, while waiting on God to soften their hearts (Acts 7:2-60; 6:10; Eph. 4:14-15).


  • Gentle witness: This is speaking gently and tenderly to persuade people to think seriously about Christ. This is avoiding an argument over God or His Word (Acts 17:16-31).


  • Good witness: This is allowing one’s life, home, and possessions to be used in helping others to come to know Christ (Acts 6:1-5; 21:8-10).


  • Faithful witness: This is being determined and consistent in your mission of reaching others for Christ. A faithful witness does not give up. He/she hangs in there (tenacity) (Acts 8:29-30).


  • Kind witness: This is looking for opportunities to bless those you are trying to reach for Christ. This is being caring, sympathetic, generous, thoughtful, compassionate and considerate toward those without Christ (John 4:6-26).


  • Self-controlling witness: This is learning to control your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions in order to be an effective witness (1 Tim. 6:13; Acts 26).


Applying the truth: Which one is your strongest? Which one is your weakest? Is there one aspect of the above God would have you focus on this week?