What can you and your church expect to experience when you begin to pray and fast together? In The Power of Prayer and Fasting, Ronnie Floyd gives nine ways that a church family can expect to experience God when they pray and fast. Below are excerpts from that book.


When your church prays and fasts together, a great focus occurs. No longer is the spiritual lens blurred or smeared. God begins to orchestrate an amazing focus not only in your life but also in your church. This focus happens as the Holy Spirit calls the spirit of your church to order!


As the church prays and fasts, you become aware of the wonder of God! As you focus spiritually, you discover God is who He says He is, and He can do what He says He can do. No longer do you sing songs of the faith, and they mean nothing. You get caught up in the wonder of who God is!


When your church prays and fasts together, an unusual sensitivity occurs. Your church will become sensitive to God and the leadership of His Spirit. Can you imagine your church being led by the Holy Spirit of God and you responding accordingly, even if it is not in the bulletin or planned on the program for the day? Prayer and fasting make the church sensitive to the Holy Spirit.


When the church prays and fasts together, unity will occur. Those who cannot or do not choose to participate in a fasting journey with you will still sense the unifying effect of prayer and fasting. Jesus is always pleased when His church is one with one another. Prayer and fasting can provide the needed spiritual breakthrough that will move you toward unity.


A prayer and fasting journey in your church will bring growth to those who participate. Most Christians don’t feel challenged to do something radical like pray and fast for a season. Therefore, when they respond positively, the result is growth.


When the church prays and fasts together, there is a holy anticipation that is electric. People look forward to seeing what God is going to do. They anticipate Him working powerfully. Dread is no longer a word used in connection with attending church. Anticipation is in, and dread is out.


An enlargement of a church’s vision occurs when the church is involved in praying and fasting. No longer do we talk about whether we cannot and should not do something, but we talk about how we are going to do it.


When the church prays and fasts together, we begin to engage the community around us like never before. We begin to see needs for the first time, even though they have existed for a long time. As a church engages its community, we will feel the pain, illness, hurt, disappointment, discouragement but also the joy. All of these within the community.


As the church practices prayer and fasting, we advance toward fulfilling the Great Commission more than ever before. We have a desire to see people come to Christ, be baptized, and disciple in their faith. We see the need to do this regionally, nationally, and globally.