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The Practice of Awareness (Philippians 4:5, Part 2)

One of the weapons against anxiety is awareness, spiritual awareness. The devil does not want you to be aware of what he is doing, what God is doing, or what is happening inside you. The devil wants you to be oblivious to what you are thinking, feeling, and doing. He doesn’t want to see God at work in your life or around your life. Awareness implies vigilance in observing what is occurring around you. Continue reading

The Practice of Awareness (Philippians 4:5, Part 1)

If you are going to live in peace, it’s not going to happen by accident. Every day you have opportunities to get upset, to be offended and to be worried. Life happens. People get on your nerves, unexpected bills, a family member is in the hospital, the kids mess up the house, and your spouse is inconsiderate. If you wait for all your circumstances to calm down and people to do what’s right to have peace and to stop worrying, you will be waiting your whole life. God never promised you that He would keep you from difficulties. He never said that you wouldn’t have storms, but He did say He would give you peace in the midst of the storm. He calls it a peace that surpasses understanding (Philippians 4:6-7). That means despite what is going on around you, you can experience peace within you. Continue reading

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