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Jesus: Not My Will (Mark 14:35-36, Part 2)

Your instinct is to flee suffering, but you must remember that even in the middle of suffering, God’s will is being done. There will be those times when God will lead you away from suffering or around suffering because of wise decisions. However, there will be those times when God will lead you straight into suffering because the center of God’s will is in the center of that suffering. There is something for you to learn and do in that season of suffering. It’s in the middle of that suffering where you will grow the most and God will be glorified the greatest and it’s there the best victories are won. Jesus understood this when He faced the crucifixion.

For the follower of Jesus, every trial of suffering is an opportunity to grow in your relationship with God and to deepen your understanding of who it is you are following. Suffering creates an opportunity to see God work in your life in a uniquely personal way that demonstrates His compassion, His comfort, His mercy, His kindness, His strength, His wisdom, and His loving kindness. Suffering is a divine tool that chisels selfishness off of you so others can see Jesus in you. Continue reading

Jesus: Not My Will (Mark 14:35-36, Part 1)

Sometimes doing God’s will is easy to follow. Sometimes doing God’s will is very difficult to follow. There are going to be times in your life doing what God wants you to do is going to feel terrible. You are going to feel grief and anguish to do what God has called you to do. You will feel the full force of dying to yourself to do it.

In Mark 14, Jesus is showing us how to follow God’s will when it is tough, and you would prefer another way to accomplish whatever it is God wants you to accomplish. We have a lot to look at today, so let’s get started. Continue reading

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