Christmas can be complicated. One of the definitions for the word complication is… a difficult factor or issue often appearing unexpectedly and changing existing plans, methods, or attitudes.

  • You had plans to buy this person and that person a gift, but a complication changed your money situation. Now you either are not going to buy anyone anything or you are going to go into debt.
  • You had looked forward to another Christmas with a loved one, but they are no longer here. Death complicated matters.
  • You had hoped that your spouse and children could begin building family traditions around Christmas, but you find yourself separated as a family. The separation complicated matters.
  • You had hoped to be able to travel and visit some family, but a sickness for you complicated the trip.

Christmas can be complicated. But even in the midst of your complications God has a plan for you, He has a purpose for you, and He has a mission that you were designed to fulfill.

Today, we are going to take a look at the shepherds and learn some valuable principles about God’s mission for your life, even in the middle of the mess that’s going on in your life. So, what does God say about your mission? Continue reading