There is no doubt we need wisdom to experience God’s victory in our lives, but where do we get wisdom? Where does true knowledge and understanding come from? It comes from our generous God, who wants you to have His wisdom and is ready to give it to you today!

Read It

James 1:5

“If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and He will give it to you.” (NLT)

Think About It

The source of the wisdom you need is found with your “generous God.” You may already know that God is all-powerful (omnipotent), all-knowing (omniscient), all-present (omnipresent), loving, good, holy, merciful, gracious, and full of truth. However, do you know that your God is extremely generous? One of the greatest things you can discover as a believer is that your Heavenly Father is a giving God! James reminds you that when you need wisdom you can go to your “generous God.” Here are four things you need to know about God’s generosity and their relationship with wisdom.

God’s generosity is God’s nature.

This means you don’t have to twist God’s arm to give. It is His nature and desire to give to His people. Generosity is an attribute of God. Most people understand and accept the attributes that declare God is love, God is patient, God is forgiving, and God is all-powerful. In the same way God is those, He is generous. Just as much as God loves you, He gives to you. Just as much as God is forgiving, He is also giving. It’s His nature to be generous.

One of my favorite fruits is a good orange. If I had an orange tree in my back yard I would expect it to produce oranges because that’s its nature. It’s going to produce oranges because it’s an orange tree. God is going to be generous, because He is a generous God. It’s His nature.

When it comes to wisdom, He is willing and ready to give it to you. You don’t need to beg or plead for this, just humbly ask Him. Then look for the wisdom, insight, and understanding to come. It is on its way

God’s generosity is impartial.

Notice that James clearly states that God will give wisdom to “you.” Some translations say “to all.” In the context of believers, God shows no partiality when it comes to handing out His wisdom. You can be a new believer who doesn’t know much, or a seasoned follower of Jesus, and God will give you wisdom. You can be struggling with a sin and wanting deliverance, God will give you wisdom. You can be a faithful and pure saint of God trying to help others and God will give you wisdom. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, whether you are male or female, a leader or follower, mature or immature – God is impartial to giving His wisdom. So ask for it!

Let’s go back to the orange tree in my back yard. The orange tree doesn’t care who approaches it seeking oranges, whether it’s me, my wife, my children, my grand-daughters. It’s going to produce oranges for whoever seeks the oranges. The orange tree is impartial. It shows no favoritism. The reason why you can expect God to give you (no matter who you are or what you have done or the why of your need) wisdom is because God is impartial regarding His wisdom. So ask for it.

God’s generosity is certain.

When talking about wisdom, God’s Word says that God “will give it” to those who ask. There is a certainty behind that statement. When asking God for wisdom you can be confident it will arrive on time. You will get the knowledge, understanding, and insight you need by the time you really need it. There is no need to doubt, because God’s wisdom is en route.

Let’s return again to the orange tree. Healthy orange trees will always produce oranges at the right time. You can count on it. They are reliable, dependable, and certain. God is the same way with His wisdom. He will produce the wisdom when you need it. He is reliable, dependable, and certain when it comes to providing wisdom. You never have to wonder if God is going to give you wisdom when you ask for it, He will.

God’s generosity is for your benefit.

The Greek word “generous” (haplous) carries the idea of being single-minded and focused. It refers to having a single motive, which is the welfare of the asker. In other words, God gives without ulterior motives. There are no strings attached. He is not giving you wisdom so that you can give Him something in return. Giving His wisdom to you is strictly for your blessing, profit, and gain. He is single-minded when it comes to giving you wisdom. This is in contrast to those who are double-minded (James 1:8) in their commitment to Him. Even though you may be double-minded toward Him at times, He is always single-minded in His generosity toward you.

One more trip to the orange tree. One of the great benefits of oranges is that they are good for you. Among many things, they provide vitamin C. Studies have shown that vitamin C helps prevent the common cold, decreases the risk of developing a urinary tract infection, helps prevent cardiovascular disease, possibly helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease, increases bone density, and improves your mood and blood circulation, to name a few benefits. That’s what vitamin C does. However, let me suggest that you should also take Vitamin W – Wisdom. Vitamin W will give you increased understanding of God’s will, increased understanding of how to relate to your spouse and children, increased insight in how to defuse someone’s anger, and give you knowledge that you need to make the decision that honor God and those involved. No matter who you are, you need Vitamin W – God’s wisdom.

Apply It

Why do you think God is so generous with wisdom? Have you ever thought about God’s generosity being His nature, like love, forgiveness, and holiness? If you see God’s generosity as one of His attributes, how does that change your view of God? Why would you think God would not give you wisdom? Why would God give wisdom with no strings attached?

For further study, what do the following Scriptures teach you about God’s generosity? Ephesians 1:7-9, Matthew 7:11, 1 Timothy 6:17, Ephesians 1:3, Romans 10:12, Psalm 23:5, 2 Peter 1:2-3, Philippians 4:19, Ephesians 3:16.

Pray It

Heavenly Father, I praise You and thank You for Your generosity. You want me to have Your wisdom more than I want to have it. You are more ready to give it than I am to receive it. I am so glad that You are my God and that You want me to have knowledge, understanding, and insight as I live my life for You. I also thank You that You give Your wisdom with no favoritism. I don’t have to be perfect, successful, beautiful, or powerful in this world for You to bless me with Your guidance. When I ask for Your wisdom I know that You will give it without hesitation in order to bless me, guide me, and protect me. Thank You Lord. Amen.